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“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change; yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly (whole) as it is.” - W. Timothy Gallwey


About Us

Unconditional Positive Regard

At In Bloom we recognize that life can be hard, and sometimes talking to someone you trust can be the first step towards reaching your goals. When you seek counselling with In Bloom, you will be met with unconditional positive regard from your counsellor. We appreciate and welcome all races, genders and sexual orientations. Whether we are the best choice for you or another counsellor meets your needs, counselling is for you. This is why In Bloom Counselling prizes your feedback within each session, so each session is tailored to your needs. We use Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) every session, giving clients an opportunity to voice what is important to them in their counselling.

Safety Protocols

At In Bloom Counselling, we value the health and safety of those within our community. While we will slowly begin seeing clients in-person at our discretion, many clients may choose to continue with e-therapy. Whether your counselling is done in-person or online, it is important to be aware of our new policies and procedures that respect the provincial health authority's statements on infection control and social distancing.

  • E-therapy remains an excellent option for clients. The booking of in-person sessions is up to the discretion of the therapist and will only be available for those individuals believing to be low-risk, facing an emergency, or unable to engage in e-therapy. Those individuals who come for in-person therapy will be asked to sign an informed consent for in-person services.

  • Sessions booked on the portal will be considered e-therapy appointments. Please contact me directly to discuss moving to in-person sessions.

  • I ask that if you are displaying any symptoms related to the flu, a cold or possible COVID-19, to not enter the office and cancel your session. If you come down with cold and flu-like symptoms and cancel prior to session, I will be flexible with my cancellation policy. However, if you arrive in office without cancelling and you are showing symptoms, I will cancel your session immediately and you will be charged for the session.

  • If you have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who is symptomatic, please book an e-therapy session rather than an in-person session.

  • No checking in at reception: When you arrive, please wait in your car or somewhere you can safely distance from others. You will be contacted by me a few minutes before your session. You will be screened over the phone and asked to come up to the office. I will meet you at the elevators.

  • You must either wash your hands in the bathrooms upon arrival or sanitize immediately upon entering the office. Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be put out in the therapy room.

  • The office has been re-arranged to enhance the ability to social distance by at least 2 meters (6 feet).

  • The office is equipped with an air purifier with an H13 True HEPA filter.

  • The Outcome Rating Scale will be done by the client on their own device to reduce the risk of transmission (applies to individual clients only).

  • The couch has been covered and the cover will be cleaned after each session.

  • Sessions are booked with at least half an hour between appointments to allow for cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces (doorknobs, hand sanitizer bottles, coat rack, etc.)to minimize potential interactions in common areas.

  • Reusable cups and water will no longer be offered.

  • For the time being, I ask that payment be made by e-transfer or by a card that uses tap. Credit card transactions can be processed online as well. Cash will not be accepted. I apologize for this inconvenience. 

  • I will not be requiring clients to wear masks or gloves in sessions, however, if you wish to wear these items, please put them on prior to entering the office.


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Sometimes, the people around you won't understand your journey.

They don't need to. It's not for them.

-Joubert Batha


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